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Writing Assignment: Persuasion / Essays & Partner Presentations
ESL 263

Select one (1) of the following approaches identified in the “thesis statement” below. Write a (3) paragraph PERSUASIVE essay clearly EXPLAINING your POSITION in your thesis statement and your choice for your “most effective approach.” Find a partner – who disagrees with you on similar points (identified in your topic sentences) in order to present your arguments to the class. Provide sufficient examples and details in the (3) body paragraphs to support your topic sentences. Include ideas from previous reading selections to support your thesis statement.

use the “Outline for Essay” format to develop your rough draft – first, before you write your essay. The following is one of many ideas for a thesis statement:

When communicating one’s needs in a conflict situation, there are clear differences between nonassertive, directly aggressive, passive aggressive, indirect and assertive behaviors; however, the most effective approach to solve a problem is ________________________________.

Suggested sentence starters for Conclusion:
“This __________ approach shows that…”         OR
“This __________ approach proves that…” OR
“This __________ approach demonstrates that…”
Pre-write and develop your thesis statement first! Make sure your partner has an “opposite” argument.
Write a total of (3) paragraphs: a thesis statement at the top of your paper, 3 body paragraphs, and a concluding statement at the end; develop (3) topic sentences – together – with your partner so that you are both talking about the same points but from different perspectives.
Keep essays in the 3rd person; avoid all 1st and 2nd person pronouns
Double-space final draft / Use MLA format
Don’t forget to CITE your sources in the Works Cited
Don’t forget to include an interesting title
PROOFREAD your final draft