Lunar Phases

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use at least 4 of your field experience hours to complete Clinical Field Experience B. Select at least one field experience from the Focused Field Experience Activity List B:
• Attend a faculty meeting. (InTASC 9)
• Attend a professional development session for teachers. (InTASC 9)
• Attend a professional conference or workshop for teachers. (InTASC 9)
• Develop a professional growth plan aligned with the teacher candidate’s needs based on feedback from the preassessment of dispositions. (InTASC 9)
• Develop and lead a professional development session for teachers on the safe, legal, and ethical use of information and technology. (InTASC 9)
• Develop and teach a lesson one-on-one to a small group or whole class that engages students in the safe, legal, and ethical use of information and technology. (InTASC 9)
Reflect upon your field experience in a 250-500-word summary.

Select a grade level 1-8 and an NGSS disciplinary core idea from the Earth and Space Sciences to create a lesson plan for the students in the “Class Profile.”
using the COE Lesson Plan Template, introduce a science topic relevant to your selected grade level. Incorporate the concept attainment model. When generating teacher examples and nonexamples, incorporate information sources such as science notebooks and journals, textbooks, informational texts, and newspapers. Include anticipated student responses as well.
Additionally, complete the Planning and Specific learning targets/objectives sections with activities and assessments aligned to the learning target. Include differentiated activities and assessments to make available to below grade-level, at grade-level, and above grade-level students.
Include a 250-500-word rationale supporting your choice of the disciplinary core idea for this particular lesson. Explain how the activities are suitable for each designated student group (below, at, and above grade level).

Research videos and resources that focus on how students use data and outside resources during their investigations to deepen and communicate their understandings, along with communication techniques to foster elementary students’ active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction.
In a(###) ###-####word analysis, describe the following:
1. Strategies teachers employed to guide data collection and use;
2. Strategies students used to collect and organize data;
3. How students used data and resources to draw conclusions, deepen understanding, and communicate their thinking;
4. Strategies that promote effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques;
5. Ideas on how to expand students’ communication at home about their understandings; and
6. Ways to integrate the use of technology and communicate understandings in your future classroom.
Support your analysis with 3-5 research-based best practices.