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The amount of oxygen consumption was measured in seven individuals over two periods of time while sitting with their eyes closed. During the first period, they listened to an exciting adventure story; during the second period of time, they heard restful music. The researcher is not sure whether participants will consume more or less oxygen during the story compared with the music. Here are their results:

Subject Story Music
1 5.8 5.3
2 8.1 7.2
3 6.4 6.3
4 7.8 6.1
5 4.6 5.1
6 5.1 4.8
7 6.6 6.1

Based on this study, is oxygen consumption different during the period with story compared with the period with the music? Test this with the appropriate t-test at the 0.01

significance level, making a choice about whether to run it one- or two-tailed.

(a) use the 5 steps of hypothesis testing

(b) Sketch the distribution with cut-off value(s) and sample score, and regions of acceptance and rejection labeled

(c) Summarize what you found