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Design a class house that defines a house on a street. A house has a house number and an (x,y) location, where x and y are numbers between -10 and 10. the key member is plot, which the plot the house, next design a class street that contains a number of equally spaced house. An object of type street stores the first house, the last house (which can be anywhere on the screen), and the number of houses on the street. The street :: plot function needs to make the intermediate house objects on the fly, because you don’t yet know how to store an arbitrary number of objects. use these classes in a graphics program in which the user clicks with the mouse on the locations of the first and last house, then enters the house number of the first and last house, and the number of houses on the street. then the entire street is plotted Each house has a chimney and produces smoke randomly as in the graphics intro handout. Implemented in an intelligent way.