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The learners will be able to: recognize what is Cinco de Mayo.
Learners will be able to correctly communicate the purpose of the celebration, where it is celebrated, by who, and when is it celebrated.
Students will be able to identify Mexico on a map, as well as the city of Puebla
Students will produce a paragraph where they explain what Cinco de Mayo is, using all the information gathered on the lesson.
Materials and Supplies:
Powerpoint presentation on Cinco de Mayo
Paper and writing supplies

Out of the 6 facts that students will learn today, they are expected to identify at least 5 when developing their paragraph.
2.0 Communications
2.1 Recognize the elements of communication using a sender–receiver model.
2.2 Identify barriers to accurate and appropriate communication.
2.3 Interpret verbal and nonverbal communications and respond appropriately.
2.4 Demonstrate elements of written and electronic communication, such as accurate spelling,
grammar, and format.
2.5 Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media
and formats.
2.6 Advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of digital media information and
communications technologies

ELA: 11-12.1. Demonstrate command of the conventions of stan- A1.0, A2.0, A3.0, A4.0, B1.0, B2.0, B3.0, B4.0, dard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking
Anticipatory Set: 5 minutes
My anticipatory set will be a PPT presentation showing a Cinco de Mayo KWL chart.
In this chart, the teacher will say: “What I think I know about Cinco” and each student will have a chance to go write one thing they think Cinco de Mayo is. All they need to write is one sentence. The teacher will proceed to read each sentence, type it on the smartboard, and use it as the anchor for teaching the lesson.

Input: Teacher will present to the student the PowerPoint Cinco de Mayo in a Nutshell (20 minutes)
Teacher will first show the PowerPoint to the students, explaining things along the way such as where Mexico is, and what they were so angry about.
After teacher shows PPT, each slide will be studied in full, offering facts that will be searched using the Smartboard. The PPT should have everything that the students need.
The basic premise: Cinco de Mayo is
Not the Independence of Mexico
Celebrated mainly by Mexican Americans and Mexicans born in Puebla, Jalisco
Not the end of a war, but a battle won that was later lost
Fought against the French Army by a small group of poor, disenfranchised Mexicans.
It is celebrated because it represents the resilience of the Mexican people as well as the fact that people are not bigger by the numbers but by their willingness to win.
Modeling:5 minutes
Teacher will use role play to enact what each part of the situation thought. What Napoleon III and Eugenie thought of the Mexicans, versus what the Mexicans thought of Napoleon and the French. This will be embedded to the lesson and the teacher will say it as it comes to her to show genuine humor.

Instructional Strategies:
Whole group- Anticipatory set and Input (25 minutes)
Students check with the teacher whether the statements they made in anticipatory were correct or incorrect.
Students will work in small group on tables to list all the things that were debunked about Cinco de Mayo: 3 sentences of what Cinco de Mayo is NOT.

Create a lesson plan that uses Power Point as an instructional strategy for all or part of the lesson. Use the lesson plan template provided and delete the teacher instructions in each section once you have completed your input. You must use one or more of the CTE pathway standards as well as anchor standards and academic standards from the academic alignment matrix. [If you have not used the new CTE standards previously, read the Overview of CTE Model Curriculum Standards and then the link provided to find your CTE industry sector, anchor standards and pathway standards.]Develop a Power Point presentation for all or part of the lesson content. Make sure that the length of the Power Point presentation is appropriate for the lesson plan time frame. Do not include video clips in your presentation as file space is limited to 1 MB. View the Power Points Tips for creating effective presentations.