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Unit 5 Learning Activity
PS531: Unit 5 Learning Activity
The purpose of this activity is to continue to develop your diagnostic and treatment planning skills. Review the case below and answer the questions. In a 2-3 page paper, determine the DSM-5 diagnosis and identify relevant treatment goals.
Kevin is a 21 year old single Caucasian male. He reports having difficulty holding down a job and finishing his last two college classes due his Adderall use. Kevin stated that he was prescribed Adderall when he was a sophomore in high school in order to treat his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Since starting college, he admitted that takes more Adderall than is prescribed. Kevin says that when he takes Adderall, he is more fun and people “like him
better”. He feels nervous in social situations when he doesn’t take any Adderall. He stated that he is usually late to his part-time job on Mondays because he was still “coming down” from the weekend and needs to get sleep. Kevin said that he will buy Adderall from people on campus when he runs out of his prescription and has skipped classes in order to meet the person from whom he buying the pills. He is currently on academic probation. He said that buying the pills is becoming more expensive because he needs to take more pills than he used to in order to “feel good”. Kevin stated that he has tried to “self-wean” off of the pills but has not been successful
for more than about 2 weeks. When asked why he has not been successful in abstaining, Kevin reported that he feels extremely depressed and has very little energy and sleeps “all of the time”
to the point that he skips class and calls into work for several days.
1. Determine DSM-5 diagnosis
2. What information in the case study indicates that Kevin experiences withdrawal symptoms?
3. What information in the case study indicates that Kevin has developed tolerance?
PS531: Unit 5 Learning Activity
4. As Kevin’s clinician, determine one long-term treatment goal that would assist in improving his level of functioning. Keep in mind that long-term goals should be attainable in a 6-12 month period.
5. As Kevin’s clinician, determine one short-term goal to improve his level of functioning. Keep in mind that a short-term goal should be attainable in 3-6 month period.