Work Shown

1) Determine the values of A,B,C,D
Rug-List price- $1,400.00
Chain Discount- 18/20
A-Net Price EQ rate
B-Single EQ rate
C-Amount of trade discount
D-Net Price

2) A furniture company produced 5 times as many beds on 2nd shift as it did on first. If a total of 240 beds were produced, how many were produced on each shift, show work

3)Sherry met Sandy on Sept 8th at BB&T. Sherry decided she would like a $9,000.00 loan at 10 ½ percent interest to be repaid on Feb 17th of the next year on exact interest. Calculate the amount that Amy would re-pay at maturity under this assumption. Round to the nearest cent and explain

4) Fox market began the year with 300 boxes of trix cereal with a unit cost of $1.89. During the year the following additional purchases were made:
May 1- 200 boxes at $2.10 each
June 1 – 400 boxes at $2.20 each
Aug 1 – 250 boxes at $2.40 each
At the end of the year fox had 475 boxes of trix on the shelf and in the back room. Assuming LIFO, calculate the cost on inventory and the cost of goods sold

5)Total sales for appliance center were $205,000 for the week. These sales included a 6% sales tax what were the actual sales? Show work

6) Pete opened a pizza shop he insured his shop for $90,000 for fire. What is his insurance premium if the rate per $100 is $0.83? Show your work

7) A trucking company costing $25,000.00 with a residual of $5,000.00 was the purchased by Duke Corp. The trucks estimated life is 10 yrs. What is the book price value at the end of year 2 using the declining-balance method? Assume a depreciation rate of twice the straight-line rate.