Wally Los Gatos, owners of Wally’s Wonderful World of Wallcoverings, has hired you as a consultant to design a database management system for his chain of three stores that sell wallpaper and accessories.  He would like to track sales, customers, and employees.  After an initial meeting with Wally, you have developed a list of business rules and specifications to begin the design of an E-R model:

Customers places order through a branch.
Wally would like to track the following about customers: Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Telephone, Date of Birth, and Primary Language.
A customer may place many orders.
A customer does not always have to order through the same branch all the time.
Customers may have one or more accounts, although they may also have no accounts.
The following information needs to be recorded about account:  Balance, Last payment date, Last payment amount, and Type.
A branch may have many customers.
The following information about each branch needs to be recorded: Branch Number, Location (Address, City, State, Zip Code), and Square Footage.
A branch may sell all items or may only sell certain items.
Orders are composed of one or more items.
The following information about each order needs to be recorded: Order Date and Credit Authorization Status.
Items may be sold by one or more branches.
We wish to record the following about each item: Description, Color, Size, Pattern, and Type.
An item can be composed of multiple items; for example, a dining room wallcovering set (item 20) may consist of wallpaper (item 22) and borders (items 23).
Wally employs 56 employees.
He would like to track the following information about employees: Name, Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code), Telephone, Date of Hire, Title, Salary, Skill, and Age.
Each employee works in one and only one branch.
Each employee may have one or more dependents. We wish to record the name of the dependents as well as the age and relationship.
Employees can have one or more skills

Based upon this information, draw an E-R model.  Please indicate any assumptions that you have made.  In Microsoft Visio, use crow’s foot notations to build the E-R diagram.  Please turn in the both pdf output and visio project file

Note:  You can also use other drawing program such as SmartDraw to draw and attach the image in word or PDF if you feel it is more comfortable for you to use.