Training and Development

Week 1
Please utilize APA formatting when you turn in this project – you can review the template in doc-sharing for an example of the proper use of APA formatting – and the syllabus also has a link to the APA handbook. Further, you can utilize the Smarthinking tutor source (under Course Home) and request assistance on your papers this term. I recommend it!

In your Week 1 submission, include this information. Answering these questions will help you tailor this into something specific. Then, throughout the entire term, your project should apply to THIS particular training project.

1. The name of the company your training will be used in (real or fictional)
2. A bit about what the company does…
3. In what department will the training be used?
4. Which employees will attend
5. Who will be involved in creating the training? (title of person)
6. Who will provide the training?
7. What is the MAIN purpose – goal – and problem you are solving with the training? (i.e. the “Gap”)

Total points for the assignment: 50 points (42 points for answering the 7 questions; 4 points for using proper APA formatting and 4 points for your resource/reference!)

Use ONE resource this week – and cite it properly as part of your APA formatting. (If nothing else, cite the textbook and use it as a reference…but I recommend you use something about your company you will use for training, if possible.)

Week 2
Training Needs Assessment
Once you have received approval for moving forward with your project, this week you will conduct a TNA (Training Needs Assessment) on your organization for which your training program will be formed. Your submission this week will include the following:
1) an organization analysis;
2) a task analysis; and
3) a person analysis.
You will explain the techniques used for these analyses and the individuals who will be involved in this process. Include an example of at least one technique or method for your analyses and include a sample of that in your appendix.
For example, if you use a questionnaire, be sure to include the questionnaire in the appendix. If you prefer to use an observation method, then explain how that will work (who, what, where and when.) Provide pro’s and cons of the method. You must include an example of one method from your analyses above. Finally, you will also need to include the desired training outcomes of your program. This is essential to the rest of your project so be sure to include them. (i.e. what do you want your trainees to leave training knowing how to do.) Anticipated length of body of this assignment: 3-4 pages. Include at least 4 outside references in this portion of your paper, and properly cite them using APA formatting. This will be graded with the following rubric: APA formatting and references – 10 points Org analysis – 10 points Task analysis – 10 points Person analysis – 10 points Example in Appendix – 10 points Your content grade on the analyses will be based on including both theory in your description of methods and applying that to your project topic itself.