Student Prompts

Assessment: Student Prompts/Teacher Directions

1) Individual:
a) Issues in Multicultural Education (Benchmark Assessment)

i) Explore local issues in your community that affect the education of diverse students. Possible issues may include but are not limited to inequities among districts in your area in regards to teaching materials, quality of school programs, funding for cultural enrichment activities, etc.

ii) Research an issue described above and analyze possible solutions.

iii) Develop a 750–1000 word plan of action to solve the chosen issue, including the following:
(1) A statement of the problem.
(2) Who is involved:
(a) As part of the problem?
(b) As part of the solution?
(3) What is the proposed solution?
(4) What will be needed to implement the solution (e.g., money, time, manpower, materials, etc.)?
(5) What is the projected timeline to implement the solution?
(6) What is the expected outcome?

iv) A minimum of three to five peer-reviewed articles that can be used in support of your content.