Spyware and Adware

Unit 3 Discussion: Spyware and Adware
Spyware is software that is installed on someone’s computer, without their consent, to intercept or control the user’s interactions. Adware can be “spyware in disguise.” Adware is software that only displays ads and the ads are often used in shareware registration. But, the registered software can contain spyware.
What are your thoughts about spyware and adware? Are there any possible benefits to spyware and adware? Are there any negatives? Do you think that use of spyware is unethical? Should individual computer users be savvy enough to protect themselves?

What can be done to protect your computer(s) from spyware and adware? What can be done to protect the computers at your place of work? Find one or more websites that discuss spyware and/or adware. Your website may or may not support your position about spyware and adware.
Summarize what you learned, addressing the questions and issues above. Did the websites support your position on the use of spyware and adware?  How or how not?
Be sure to fully cite your source(s) using APA format, including the URLs, so that your classmates may also visit the site.