Find and participate in a bona fide online psychology experiment that has been approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) at an academic institution or applied science lab (you may have to inquire to confirm). You may select from those shown on the American Psychological Society’s list, Psychological Research on the Net, at or at

Use the following outline to structure the summary that you will submit to this activities conference. You are focusing on DESIGN and RESEARCH issues – it does not matter if you like the study or not. You are demonstrating what you have learned about research.

title of the experiment; researcher’s affiliation; URL of study
brief description of experiment’s purpose
brief description of experimental procedure
the IV and DV as well as any confounding variables
why you would/would not recommend participating in this experiment to a fellow student (this is to be based on design issues, not whether or not you like the study. If you merely say you like it, you will not earn credit.)
ethical issues related to this study; IRB information
how you would improve this study