Project 1

Case Study—Gap Analysis

Read the following 2002 article: Merging IT at DaimlerChrysler (This company no longer exists, but for the purposes of this course, we will consider this to be a current situation.)

Using the gap analysis template provided in Course Content, determine where technology gaps exist within the candidate infrastructure. Order and define these technology gaps in a logical and concise manner for analysis.

Step 1: Determine the application or technology and related sub-elements under evaluation—at least 10 items should be derived from the case study.

Step 2: Based on the information provided in the case study, document how the application under evaluation is performing. Include any issues or problems.

Step 3: What timeline is expected? Provide estimates regarding expected/needed implementations, with rationale.

Step 4: Describe how the application will operate after the indicated issues have been addressed. Describe the optimal state of the application, and highlight the differences between the “as is” and “to be” states within the candidate infrastructure.

Step 5: Provide a high-level recommendation regarding the next steps to take in making the effort to close the gap. Also, describe and prioritize the risks associated with moving to the “to be” state.

The deliverable for this case study assignment will be a fully completed template, one-to-two pages in length.