Create and record an informative mini PowerPoint presentation. Your audience is a group of company colleagues who follow the stock market and take turns keeping each other informed on what’s new with the Fortune 1,000. Choose IBM, Disney, or Wal-Mart. Then, create a thesis statement that incorporates the one or two main points you want to make about your chosen company. Using one of the existing business oriented design templates with PowerPoint, create five slides. The first slide is your introduction. It must contain your name and the title of the presentation. When you record slide 1, first use an attention getter to engage your colleagues, the audience. Then, introduce yourself and the topic, and state your thesis, which previews the presentation.

For slides 2–4, write full sentence headlines. Use only words or short phrases within the body of the slides. Use one visual that fits the headline for at least one of the slides. Visuals can include charts, graphs, tables, photos, or screenshots. You can source them from the company website or other credible third party source. Do not use clip art.

The last slide is your conclusion. Again, write a full sentence headline that reviews and summarizes your presentation. When you record the conclusion, quickly review the points that have been made, and end with a memorable closing, such as a compelling fact, statistic, or quotation. Follow the instructions under the iConnect Presentations tab under Course Home to make your audio recording, and save the file as a PowerPoint Show. The total recording time for the presentation should be 1–2 minutes.