You have just been promoted to a new position as the Senior Network Engineer of your company and are anxious to make a good impression on your superiors. For this assignment, you are asked to design a plan to increase the network addressing in several departments due to a major expansion. There will be a requirement for additional employees in every department and you will need to increase the IP addressing in Department A by 65 additional addresses, Department B by 30 additional addresses, Department C by 15 additional addresses, and Department D by 5 additional addresses. You have a Class C address of and are currently supporting 30 users in Department A, 27 users in Department B, 11 users in Department C, and 9 users in Department D. Each department is supported by one or more switches and connects to a router. This change will need to be in four routers: one supporting Department A, one supporting Department B, one supporting Department C, and one supporting Department D. Subnets need to be created to connect Router A to Router B, Router B to Router C, and Router C to Router D.
Current Departments
Current subnet mask
Additional users
Department A 30 users or /27
Department B 27 users or /27
Department C 11 users or /27

Also need to have a VLSM worksheet spreadsheet.