Piotroski Properties

Assessing Financial Statement Effects of Transactions and Adjustments Selected accounts of Piotroski Properties, a real estate management firm, are shown below as of January 31, before any accounts have been adjusted. Debits Credits Prepaid Insurance $19,980 Supplies 5,790 Office Equipment 17,856 Unearned Rent Revenue $15,750 Salaries Expense 9,300 Rent Revenue 45,000 Piotroski Properties prepares monthly financial statements. Using the following information, adjust the accounts as necessary on January 31 using the financial statements effect template. (a) Prepaid insurance represents a three-year premium paid on January 1. (b) Supplies of $850 were still available on January 31. (c) Office equipment is expected to last eight years (or 96 months). (d) The unearned rent revenue represents six months of rent received in advance on January 1. (e) Salaries of $1470 have been earned by employees but yet not recorded as of January 31.