Peer-Reviewed vs. Non–Peer-Reviewed

As you progress through your Master’s in Public Health, you will find the Walden Library an essential resource that will facilitate your success. As a Walden University student, you will be asked to locate and retrieve peer-reviewed articles—materials that have met the highest academic criteria—and to cite them in papers that you write.

To prepare for this assignment:
•Review the Walden Library Guides: Searching and Retrieving Materials in the Research Databases.
•Conduct a keyword search in the Academic Search Premier database.
•Use the search terms “health communication.”
•Download a full-text peer-reviewed article related to health communication.
•Then, locate and download an abstract of a non-peer-reviewed article that is also related to health communication.

You may also search the Web for such an article (non–peer-reviewed). After locating both articles, consider the difference between peer-reviewed and non–peer-reviewed articles and how you distinguish one from the other.

The assignment:
•Write a paragraph to a scholar-practitioner explaining the importance of peer-reviewed scholarly journals to the study and application of public health.
•Include a paragraph on how using peer-reviewed scholarly research can facilitate professional health communications.
•Include a closing paragraph on the value of non–peer-reviewed articles and how you might use them as well.