Multiple Choice Answers

When the product is extremely high-priced and is being sold to the whole organization, __________ are often used.
A. missionary salespeople
B. technical sales specialists
C. cross-functional sales teams
D. task approaches

Most companies organize their sales effort either by:
A. salespeople or direct selling.
B. marketers or advertisers.
C. geography, product, or customers.
D. developing convictions or innovative ideas.

The __________ approach involves measuring the relationship between the dependent variable, sales, and one independent variable that can explain increases or decreases in sales volume.
A. jury of executive opinion method
B. sales force composite method
C. time-series analysis
D. correlation analysis

__________ are (is) used in certain industries such as pharmaceuticals to focus solely on promotion of existing products and introduction of new products.
A. Missionary salespeople
B. Technical sales specialists
C. More flexibility in decision making
D. Information provision