Multiple Choice Answers

Common law comes from
A. law that was originally applied only to the poor in England.
B. political uprisings throughout history demanding governmental concessions.
C. historical acceptance of conduct approved by courts and not addressed in statutes.
D. commonsense law derived from debates of the American colonial government.
The authority for the judicial branch in a state to make up procedural rules comes from
A. its state constitution, statutes, or the judicial branch itself.
B. the power of the court to control its proceedings.
C. the evolving American common law.
D. acts of the U.S. Congress or Senate.
The U.S. Constitution limits the powers of the judicial branch to which of the following?
A. Writing and enacting legislation
B. Enforcing laws and court orders
C. Enacting administrative laws
D. Interpreting legislation
You’re a lawyer preparing for a criminal trial. What should you do to find out more evidence
in your case?
A. Look at the fact pattern
B. Engage in discovery
C. Make motions to dismiss the case
D. Spot the issues120 Examination
A case, Thomson v. Powell, which upheld a search of a vehicle by state police despite
the owner’s objections, was approved for publication by the state court of last resort.
Subsequently, a decision of the Supreme Court declared such a search illegal. The
state court of last resort orders that Thomson v. Powell be
A. canceled. C. annotated.
B. cited. D. depublished.
When a soldier appeals a court-martial decision, what federal appellate court of last resort
may review that case?
A. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
B. The U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals
D. The U.S. Court of Appeals where the court-martial occurred
You’re writing a legal brief that asks the Supreme Court to review the decision of a Circuit
Court, which you believe has made a decision conflicting with federal precedent. In this
brief, you’ll petition for a
A. writ of prohibition. C. writ of certiorari.
B. writ of habeas corpus. D. writ of rescission.
Which of the following cases must be tried in state court?
A. A dispute between two Texas residents over ownership of a ranch
B. Prosecution of a cruise line for dumping hazardous waste in Chesapeake Bay
C. An antitrust case to stop the merger of two large banks
D. A lawsuit against the FAA brought by airplane crash victims’ families
In the United States, it’s presumed that every citizen
A. abides by the law. C. knows the law.
B. believes in the law. D. votes to uphold the law.
Conservation courts are concerned primarily with
A. issues affecting federal lands and national parks.
B. issues affecting hunting and fishing on Native American land.
C. the adoption and placement of Native American children.
D. environmental issues, such as clean water.