Multiple Choice Answers

A centralized form of organization that emphasizes the upper echelon and direct supervision under
Mintzberg’s configurations is:
A. the simple structure
B. the machine bureaucracy
C. the professional bureaucracy
D. the adhocracy

A moderately decentralized form of organization that emphasizes the technical staff and standardization of
work processes defines:
A. the machine bureaucracy
B. the professional bureaucracy
C. the adhocracy
D. the divisionalized form

An automobile plant with routinized operating tasks should probably used what type of complementary
A. simple
B. machine
C. professional
D. adhocracy

The faculty of a university comprises which of Mintzberg’s fundamental elements of the organization?
A. support staff
B. technical staff
C. middle level
D. operating core

A highly bureaucratized organization, such as the Social Security Administration, exhibits all of the
following characteristics EXCEPT:
A. specialization
B. standardization
C. formalization
D. loose controls

The extent to which work activities are defined and routinely performed the same way is known as:
A. centralization of decisional authority
B. standardization
C. complexity
D. formalization

The degree to which an employee’s role is defined by formal documentation is called:
A. standardization
B. complexity
C. formalization
D. specialization

Which of the following departments would probably have the most flexible structure?
A. marketing
B. operations
C. research & development
D. human resource management

A tall hierarchy of authority is usually associated with:
A. decentralization
B. informal and unofficial work roles
C. a loose chain of command
D. centralization

A Domino’s pizza outlet is an example of a/an:
A. adhocracy
B. divisionalized form
C. machine bureaucracy
D. simple structure