Multiple Choice Answers

Conduct of a sexual nature that has negative consequences for employment is known as
Lewd behavior.
Suggestive activity.
Sexual harassment.
Gender harassment.

Special effort to recruit and hire qualified members of groups that have been discriminated against in the past is called
Proactive recruitment.
Affirmative action.
Positive-effect recruitment

A monolithic organization is ________ in terms of its employee population.
highly homogeneous
slightly homogeneous
mostly integrated
completely integrated
intentionally desegregated

An organization that has a relatively diverse employee population and makes an effort to involve employees from different gender, racial, or cultural backgrounds is a
Monolithic organization.
Structured organization.
Pluralistic organization.
Multicultural organization.
Diverse organization.

A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities is referred to as a
Physical defect.
Personality disorder.
Corporeal impairment.
Physical deficiency.

An organization that values cultural diversity and is willing to utilize and encourage diversity is an organization that would be referred to as
Minority enhanced.

Tracy Rayburn from your company’s legal department has come to you with a list of problems occurring in the human resources area of your organization. She gives you a report containing three items of great concern to you:
1. The men in the organization are paid an average of 10 percent more than the women in the same jobs with the same performance levels.
2. Several women in clerical positions report that after announcing they were pregnant, they were taken off the company’s health care plan and encouraged to quit. (Men with medical conditions were kept on the health care plan with no hints about quitting.)
3. Several employees who qualify are not being paid overtime rates.

In statement 3, which of the following laws is the organization most likely violating?

The Americans with Disabilities Act.
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
The Family and Medical Leave Act.
The Fair Labor Standards Act.
The Equal Pay Act.

The term used to refer to all kinds of differences, including religious affiliation, age, disability status, economic class, and lifestyle in addition to gender, race, ethnicity, and nationality, is
Selection differences.
Recruiting characteristics.
Managerial ethics.

Managing diversity is
Recognizing the characteristics common to specific groups of employees.
Dealing with employees as individuals.
Supporting and nurturing employee differences to the organization’s advantage.
Using employee differences to the organization’s advantage.
All of these.

An invisible barrier that makes it difficult for certain groups, such as minorities and women, to move beyond a certain level in the organizational hierarchy is referred to as the
Black box.
Glass ceiling.
Job barrier.
Job ceiling.
Invisible barrier