Multiple Choice Answers

Question 1
__________ is the operating system of choice for Web servers, embedded system, and supercomputers alike.
A. Tux
B. Pengu-ware
C. Linux
D. Unix
Question 2
When merging transaction and analytical processing a problem occurs. Real-time analytical processing diminishes the performance of transaction processing. What is the solution to this problem that many companies use?
A. Pause transaction processing while analytical processing is occurring.
B. Only allow transaction processing during off-peak hours.
C. Replicate all transactions on a second database server and run analytical processing off of the second server.
D. None of the above

Question 3
Which of the following is NOT considered a core business process?
A. Manufacture goods
B. Hire employees
C. Sell products
D. Provide service

Question 4
Software asset management includes all of the following EXCEPT:
A. performing a software inventory.
B. matching installed software with licenses.
C. creating a software asset management plan.
D. All of these are part of software asset management.

Question 5
The Windows Update Service is an example of a __________ system.
A. bug-fixing
B. patch management
C. software asset management
D. online help and repair

Question 6
__________ is a set of best practices that help organizations maximize the benefits from their information systems infrastructure while at the same time establishing appropriate controls.

Question 7
Systems for gaining business intelligence __________ data in order to better manage the organization.
A. gather
B. process and analyze
C. store
D. All of the above

Question 8
__________ can increase the reliability of an organization’s information systems infrastructure.
A. On-demand computing
B. Grid computing
C. Autonomic computing
D. Pay-per-use computing

Question 9
Graphical software tools that provide complex analysis of stored data are:

Question 10
__________ is the use of the Internet Protocol for transporting voice, video, fax, and data traffic.
A. IP conveyance
B. IP integration
C. IP communication
D. IP convergence

Question 11
Systems designed to perform specific, predefined tasks such as a digital video recorder (TiVo) or a network router are referred to as __________ systems.
A. integrated
B. specific
C. embedded
D. special-purpose

Question 12
A __________ backup site is a backup facility consisting of an empty warehouse with all necessary connections for power and communication, but nothing else.
A. hot
B. cold
C. empty
D. dormant

Question 13
Application service providers offer:
A. on-demand computing.
B. on-demand software.
C. utility computing.
D. utility software.

Question 14
In a __________ grid, the computers are just there to perform the grid’s computing tasks.
A. homogeneous
B. dedicated
C. pure
D. uniform

Question 15
A(n) __________ ASP offers services for small businesses within a limited geographical area.
A. specialist or functional
B. vertical market
C. enterprise
D. local

Question 16
An autonomic computing system must know its:
A. configuration.
B. capacity.
C. current status.
D. All of the above

Question 17
The Linux operating system is an example of:
A. public domain software.
B. nonprotective open source software.
C. protective open source software.
D. proprietary software.

Question 18
A __________ is a facility in which businesses can rent space for servers or other information systems equipment.
A. collocation facility
B. server room
C. data warehouse
D. server warehouse

Question 19
__________ refers to the use of Internet technologies for placing telephone calls.

Question 20
__________ are controls helping to ensure the reliability of information, consisting of policies and their physical implementation, access restrictions, or recordkeeping of actions and transactions.
A. Information systems controls
B. Audit controls
C. Infrastructure controls
D. Access controls