Multiple Choice Answers

Toyota, the maker of the Scion brand, is using what kind of brand strategy with Scion products?
A. .Separate family names
B. Blanket family names
C. Individual names
D. Corporate names
BMW, the maker of the Mini Cooper brand, is using what kind of brand strategy with its Mini products?
A. Individual names
B. Blanket family names
C. Separate family names
D. Corporate names

Brands can play a number of specific roles within a company’s brand portfolio. For example, a __________ is positioned with respect to competitors’ brands so that more important and profitable brands retain their desired positioning.
A. cash cow
B. low-end, entry level brand
C. high-end, prestige brand
D. flanker
When Apple introduced its popular iPod Nano model, it dropped its Mini iPod at the same time. The Mini was, at the time, the most popular MP3 player in the marketplace. This is an example of __________.
A. brand extension
B. preemptive cannibalization
C. a brand shake-out
D. product maturity

Painting and consulting are considered industrial goods because ______________.
A. they are specialty goods
B. they are considered “component materials”
C. most firms do not seek them directly
D. they facilitate developing and managing the finished product

When customers buy on the basis of a reference price or because the price conveys a particular quality image to them, they are being influenced by ____________.
A. value pricing
B. the psychology of pricing
C. the going rates of competitors
D. value augmented by perception

Which of the following areas will a marketing manager standardize or adapt when taking a new product global?
A. .Marketing concept
B. Marketing mix
C. Product strategy
D. Promotion strategy

Which of the following best describes integrated marketing communication (IMC)?
A. Organizations present a consistent message.
B. .Organizations present an effective communication plan..
C. Organizations present a plan that focuses on the customer.
D. Organizations present an effective advertising message.

Public policy makers have developed a substantial body of laws and regulations to govern advertising. For these reasons, an important step in developing an advertising campaign is _____________.
A. asking network censors what to cut out of the communication
B. the creative development of the message
C. the social responsibility review
D. preparing a copy strategy statement