Multiple Choice Answers

The carrying capacity of an area can be reduced if there is too much
Raw material
All of these answers are true
One observer noted that a male wood duck from Florida mated with a female wood duck from California. This is an example of
Gene flow
Gene frequency
Age distribution
Biotic potential is
The average number of offspring that survive a single mating
Generally equal to the number of offspring needed to maintain a population
The movement of genes from one species to another
The theoretical maximum rate of reproduction
Available energy, in part, determines the
Carrying capacity
Gene flow
Reproductive potential
All of these answers are correct
The greatest population growth rate occurs in the
Exponential growth phase
Lag phase
Stable equilibrium phase
Growth curve
When a limiting factor becomes more important as the size of the population increases, it is known as a(n)
Biotic potential
Density-independent factor
Density-dependent factor
Intrinsic factor
The sex ratio
Is typically 1:1 in species where both parents support the raising of young
Is often dominated by males
Is never greater than 1 female to 1 male
All of these conditions are true
Which one of the following would result in an increase in the rate at which a population grows?
Reduction in the birthrate
Reduction in the number of females
Reduction in the death rate
Reduction in the number of males
Which of the following populations would have the highest population growth rate?
A population with a high natality and a high mortality
A population with very few old animals in it and a large number of young animals
A population in which 65% of the animals are males
A population with low natality and high mortality
Five hundred forty-one people per thousand die of this disease. This is a statement about
An extrinsic limiting factor
Environmental resistance
All of these answers are correct
Which of the following is a population?
All the different species of insects in a woodlot
All the sugar maple trees in a woodlot
All the carnivores in a woodlot
All the wildflowers in a woodlot
Which would be an example of a density-dependent limiting factor?
A flood kills all the people in a densely populated city, but few in the less densely populated countryside
The more mice there are on an island, the less food each has to eat
The more mice there are on an island, the more rapidly the population grows
As the number of people on the Earth increases, many other kinds of organisms go extinct
A vector is an organism that carries
A type of algae rich in silica is(are)
Some plants form a symbiotic relationship with
Protozoa are classified according to
The type of chlorophyll they have
The number of cilia they have
Their method of movement
The environment in which they live
A highly resistant bacterial structure having a low metabolic rate is a(n)
How are the algae economically important?
They increase environmental calcium levels
They decrease the population of harmful fungi
They provide fiber in most diets
They provide food additives
Some organisms responsible for decomposition belong to the
Plankton is mainly found
Swimming near the ocean surface
On the ocean bottom
In freshwater streams
Only in very cold water
The high reproductive rate of bacteria is a factor for their resistance to being controlled by the use of
The best way to control sleeping sickness is
With antibiotics
With heat
To control the vector
To drink strong coffee
____ are not considered microorganisms.
Yeast cells
Pollen grains
In the mutualistic relationship of lichens, ____ provide moisture and attachment while ____ provide food.
Bacteria; fungi
Bacteria; algae
Fungi; algae
Algae; fungi