Multiple Choice Answers

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a project?
They are unique
They are routine
They have specific due date
They have a specific deliverable

Searching for the third alternative is Most closely associated with
Win-win negotiation
Project planning
Project budgeting
The three goals of a project

Which of the following is a nonnumeric project selection method?
Q-sorted method
Payback period
Discounted cash flow method
Real options

In Crystal Ball cells that contain outcomes we are interested in are called?
Assumption cells
Distribution cells
Forecast cells
Decision cells

A matrix that illustrated the magnitude of both product and process changes resulting from a project is called the
Aggregate project plan
Product process matrix
Aggregate master production schedule
Balances scorecard

The project team members should be all of the following except
Politically sensitive
Technically competent
Goal oriented
Focused on activities


The three primary goals of any project ate
Profit, schedule, quality
Schedule, budget, quality
Performance, budget, schedule
Performance, quality, schedule


The operation was a success but the patient “died” best exemplifies:
The systems approach
The need to fight fires
Sub optimization


Which of the following is an important project manager role?
Technical support
Project champion

Which of the following types of organizations would likely not have a program manager?
Functional project organization
Pure project organization
Strong matrix project organization
Weak matrix organization


A matrix project that closely resembles the pure project is referred to as a
Weak matrix
Strong matrix
Functional matrix
Balanced matrix


What is the primary purpose of creating a work breakdown structure?
To draw the project plan as a chart or tree
To make sure important tasks are identified
So that all team members can see what others are working on?
To assign budget numbers to tasks


Which of the following is not a category in the RACI matrix?


The first task of a newly appointed project manager is to
Negotiate the project budget
Negotiate with functional managers for key resources
Develop a work breakdown structure for the project
Review the project objectives with senior management


A ___shows the sets of all tasks in a project arranged by task level
RACI matrix
Work breakdown structure
Gantt chart
Design structure matrix


In order to prepare a mind map you need to start with
The maximum allowable cost of the project
A definition of role of the working professional programs ( WPPS)’s
A means of evaluating the results
A statement of the projects objectives


SMT standards for
Staff management and technicians
Strategic management of technology
Significant management task
Self managed teams


In the Design Structure Matrix
The rows correspond to tasks and the columns correspond to resources
Both the rows and the columns correspond to tasks
The rows correspond to task and the columns correspond to functional departments
The rows correspond to resources and the columns correspond to tasks

Why it is necessary to consider the learning curve of resources on a project
To estimate labor costs properly
To improve project team morale
Because it is always takes less time to do a task after someone has done it a few times
Collective bargaining contracts require it

The budgeting approach based on the collective judgments of top and middle managers is called.
Top-down budgeting
Bottom-up budgeting
Activity budgeting
Program budgeting


FEMA stands for
Financial Methods and Efficiency Analysis
Failure Modes and Effect Analysis
Full Monetary Expenditure Accrual
Financial Measurement of Expenses Accrued


Which of the following is MOST closely associated with FEMA?
Risk priority number
Game theory
Expected value


Which of the following is NOT a sub process associated with risk management?
Risk identification
Risk measurement
Qualitative risk analysis
Quantitative risk analysis


A task is expected to take 20 hours of labor at $25 per hour. The required material cost is $500 and the organization charged 30% of direct labor for overhead. The total task cost is


What is it a milestone?
A significant event in the project
A mark on a chart that depicts projects progress
An activity on the critical path
An activity with an uncertain completion time

Technical dependencies on a project plan are easiest to see on a
Gantt Chart
Cost Chart
PERT / CPM chart
Work breakdown structure
PERT was originally used for what type of project
R & D
Computer Software Development

Which of the following is typically used as the best estimate of task duration?
Expected time
Pessimistic time
Optimistic time
Most likely time

Which of the following linkages is used to start two or more activities at the same time?
Finish to start
Start to start
Finish to finish
Start to finish

An identifiable state resulting from the completion of one or more activities is called
An event
An activity
A Milestone
A path

Allocating specific limited resources to specific activities is called
Resource allocation
Resource leveling
Resource tracking
Expediting a project

The primary cause of concern in resource allocation is

Labor cost
Resource scarcity
Lack of solution methodologies
Parallel activities

Starting the building phase before the design and planning phases I called
Operations overlapping
Concurrent engineering
Fast tracking
Concurrent construction

Which of the following priority rues makes resources available so that activities start on their LSTs whenever possible without increasing the projects duration?
As soon as possible
As late as possible
Shortest task duration first
Minimum slack first

Which of the following is not considered a resource?

Which of the following is not a commonly used to help select a priority rule?
Schedule slippage
Resources utilization
In-process inventory
Cost overruns

The practice of assigning project team members to multiple projects is called
Concurrent engineering
Parallel activities
Fast tracking

The safety time added to chains other than the critical chain is called
Feeding buffer
Project buffer
Path buffer
Critical buffer

The plan monitor control cycle is best described as
An open loop process
A closed loop process
An ad hoc process
An informal process

Which of the following is used when it is especially difficult to find a direct measure of variable?
Frequency count
Raw numbers
Subjective numeric ratings

Which of the following is most closely associated with ordinal rankings?
Frequency counts
Raw Numbers
Subjective numeric rankings

Estimated (remaining costs) to completion (ETC) is calculated as:
(BAC + EV) /CPI.

Which of the following is not a primary mechanism by which the PM exerts control?
Personnel assignments
Audit reports
Resource allocation

Which of the following is not a component of a control system?
Decision Maker

Which of the following is concerned with appraising a project relative to its initial or revised plan?
Project evaluation
Project termination
Project monitoring
Project control

According to research which of the following is not an important dimension of project success
Project efficiency
Project team cohesiveness
Customer impact / satisfaction
Business / direct success

In which of the following project states is the value of the project audit of rather limited usefulness?
Master schedule
Feasibility study
Preliminary plan/ schedule budget

Which of the following was not a major section listed in the test for the audit report?
Current status
Future project status
Critical management issues
Financial analysis

Which of the following is not a main duty of the termination manager?
Oversee the closing of the project’s books
Complete the project final report
Ascertain any product support requirements
Ensure completion of work

Which of the following information should not be contained in an audit report?
Project RACI Matrix
Risk Analysis
Future project status