Multiple Choice Answers

Bass describe transformational leadership as including ________.
a. unquestioned technical ability
b. a paradoxical blend of humility and professional will
c. paying attention to followers’ needs and providing assignments that allow followers to grow personally
d. A and B

Intrinsically satisfying tasks neutralize _________.
a. relationship oriented leadership
b. task relationship leadership
c. Both A and B
d. None of the above

The preponderance of leadership theory and research along behavioral lines has depended on the idea that leaders must cope with two separate but interrelated aspects, ___________.
a. tasks and situation
b. tasks and people
c. situation and people
d. None of the above

If you are perceived by your supervisor as a(n) ___________ you are likely to receive more challenging assignments and more meaningful rewards.
a. R1
b. in-group member
c. highly able worker
d. All of the above

The core task of ___________ is determining what operations should be closed and which positions should be eliminated in the organization.
a. structural change
b. the discovery phase
c. downsizing effort
d. flexing an organization

Michael is describing what his company’s employees perceive and how this perception creates a shared sense and pattern of beliefs, values, and expectations. Michael is describing ____________ ________.
a. organizational climate
b. organizational culture
c. company ethos
d. organizational ethos

As management span of control ______, group cohesiveness typically _________.
a. increases, increases
b. decreases, decreases
c. increases, decreases
d. Both A and B

Job enlargement involves ___________ job range and ___________ job depth.
a. not increasing, increasing
b. increasing, increasing
c. increasing, not increasing
d. nothing to do with, increasing

Increasing employee autonomy is typically associated with _________.
a. job enlargement
b. job enrichment
c. job expansion
d. Both A and B

Sociotechnical theory grew out of _________.
a. studies undertaken at Western Electric from 1948-1958
b. studies undertaken in British coal mines
c. studies undertaken by B.F. Skinner
d. Herzberg’s two-factor theory