Multiple Choice Answers

Which of the following does NOT usually function as an entry barrier?
Economies of scale
High strategic stakes
Product differentiation
Switching costs

A challenge in conducting an external analysis is that:
brand loyalty is low.
markets may be concentrated.
markets may be fragmented.
forecasts aren’t facts.

long-term contract is usually an agreement between:
two organizations in the same industry.
an organization and its suppliers.
two organizations in unrelated industries.
a domestic and international organization.

he product-market evolution matrix is based on the:
industry analysis.
product life cycle.
internal strengths and weaknesses.
opportunities and threats.

In organization’s __________ are its goal-directed plans and actions in which its capabilities and resources are matched with the opportunities and threats in its environment.
mission statements
vision statements

Ethics can be defined as:
the obligation of organizational decision makers to make decisions and act in ways that recognize the interrelatedness of business and society.
the intentional and ongoing actions of an organization to continuously transform itself by acquiring information and knowledge.
the rules and principles that define right and wrong decisions and behavior.
making decisions and implementing strategies that allow an organization to develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

Characteristics of dynamic capabilities include all of the following EXCEPT:
timely responsiveness.
reactive responsiveness.
rapid and flexible product innovation.
coordinating and deploying organizational resources and capabilities.

The role of top-level decision makers in the strategic management process is to:
develop the overall goal that the organization hopes to achieve.
establish the overall operational goals.
establish functional strategies.
supervise line managers.

hich of the following are strategic factors often used in depicting strategic groups?
Image and quality
Quality and price
Distribution access and image
Market share and image

__________ is an arrangement in which a foreign firm buys the rights to manufacture and market a company’s product in that country for a negotiated fee.
Direct investment
Joint venture


amazon’s 1-Click® ordering and its effect on online purchasing is an example of which Internet-related relationship?
Buyer-seller-policy maker
Technology-policy combines several major airlines into a one-stop online reservation site. This is an example of a(n):
strategic alliance.
strategic network.

Keeping the Internet free from tax policies applied to off-line transactions:
is a better option for buyers.
gives online retailers a competitive advantage.
means less sales and use tax revenue for the states.
All of the above

strategies for competing in the Internet product market are based upon:
specialization and generalization.
ecology and competitiveness.
communication and interactivity.
market segmentation and competition.

Which of the following Internet resources can specifically add value through leveraging?
Image and link exchange
Loyalty and improvement
Advertising and communication
Content, channel, and communication

a Web site link that points to a particular page is called a:
backward link.
forward link.
reciprocal link.

our company purchased 250,000 online advertising impressions and made an average net profit per sale of its product of $5. With statistical averages of 3% for click-through and 4% for company turnover, the expected return on your investment is:

A market that emphasizes products and services necessary to the manufacturing and sales of products in a specific industry are known as:
procurement markets.
vertical markets.
horizontal markets.
B2C markets.

___________intermediaries connect buyers and sellers when

fragmentation is high on both sides of the market.

Which of the following is NOT a key shift in business activity with regard to ongoing relational exchange?
From products to people
From competition to cooperation
From stand-alone to networked
From transactions to collaboration

management information system

The six important business objectives of information technology are new products, services, and business models; customer and supplier intimacy; survival; competitive advantage; operational excellence; and:
improved flexibility.
improved decision making.
improved business practices.
improved efficiency.

buying or selling goods over the Internet is called:
an intranet.
an extranet.

the feature of political systems in which a body of laws is in place that permits individuals to recover the damages done to them by other actors, systems, or organizations is referred to as:
due process.

The multitasking, multi-user, operating system developed by Bell Laboratories that operates on a wide variety of computing platforms is:

data mining is a tool for allowing users to:
quickly compare transaction data gathered over many years.
find hidden relationships in data.
obtain online answers to ad hoc questions in a rapid amount of time.
summarize massive amounts of data into much smaller, traditional reports.

the telephone system is an example of a __________ network.

specific security challenges that threaten clients in a client/server environment include:
tapping, sniffing, message alteration, and radiation.
hacking, vandalism, and denial of service attacks.
theft, copying, alteration of data, and hardware or software failure.
unauthorized access, errors, and spyware.

Which of the following traditional solutions enables manufacturers to deal with uncertainties in the supply chain?
Safety stock
Continuous replenishment
Just-in-time strategies
Demand planning

which of the following is NOT one of the unique features of e-commerce technology?
Information density
Social technology

Which of the following managerial roles is NOT supported by information systems?
Resource allocator
Nerve center

strategic information technology

What do you call any mechanical and/or electrical means to supplement, extend, or replace human, manual operations or devices?
Information management

Foreign companies such as Toyota are producing goods in the U.S. to minimize the effect of:
export regulations.

The five phases of value chain analysis include all of the following EXCEPT:
outbound logistics.
sales and marketing.
computer technology.

competitive advantage gained by using information systems is usually:
permanent, because innovation tends to be ongoing.
a slow process because technology changes slowly.
long lasting because the E-Business Innovation Cycle is cyclical.
short-lived because competitors can copy emerging information systems.

_________ is any software that covertly gathers information about a user though an Internet connection without the user’s knowledge.

Typical information systems in marketing do NOT include:
market research and analysis.
pricing and sales analysis.
product location analysis.
customer service tracking.

_________ systems are highly useful for standardized, repetitive tasks such as making entries in a check register.

A successful CRM strategy must include:
policy and business process changes.
customer service changes.
employee training changes.
All of the above

systems analysts use _________ for collecting system requirements.
only interviews and observations
only interviews, questionnaires, and observations
only interviews, questionnaires, document analysis, and observations
interviews, questionnaires, document analysis, observations, and problem decomposition

examples of the ethical conundrum include all EXCEPT the following:
using computer time at work to read personal e-mail.
organizations compiling personal information about shopping habits.
the government regulating computer crimes.
using technology to rearrange photographs.

international management

the appropriability of technology deals with:
technology that has been illegally appropriated by a foreign government.
how appropriate the technology is for generating long-term profit.
how easily the technology can be learned and used by the host nation employees.
the ability of the firm to profit from its technology by protecting it from its competitors.

Which of the following is NOT a cultural variable?
Career choice

In contrast to Russians, Arabs are more likely to make concessions because of their interest in:
long-term relationships.
accommodating the needs of others.
financial negotiating variables.

The process by which a firm’s managers evaluate the future prospects of the firm and decide on appropriate strategies to achieve long-term objectives is called:
internal resource analysis.
environmental scanning.
strategic planning.
product marketing.

The critical criterion in the use of a franchising strategy is:
financial reserves.
choice of management.
quality control.
whether or not the local market has sophisticated consumers.

Which of the following is an example of the competitive aspect of strategic alliances?
Economies of scale in tangible assets
Upstream-downstream division of labor
Creating a critical mass to develop new technologies
Encircling existing competitors with alliance partners

The creation of a(n) __________ facilitates the beginning of a global strategy.
local division
international division
transnational division
matrix division

_________ are usually preferable where a high level of technical capability is required.
Parent-country nationals
Host-country nationals
Third-country nationals
Cross-cultural nationals

with __________ would probably be motivated by more risky opportunities for variety and fast-track advancement.
High uncertainty avoidance; low uncertainty avoidance
Low uncertainty avoidance; high uncertainty avoidance
Large power distance; small power distance
Small power distance; large power distance

The degree of general importance that working has in the life of an individual is called:
intrinsic motivation.
extrinsic motivation.
work centrality.
need paradigm.