Multiple Choice Answers

In the United States, declining worker membership in unions mainly reflects
A. a shrinking industrial sector.
B. the decline of service-sector employment.
C. a shift to primary-sector production.
D. the decline of wage labor.

In Japan and South Korea, privately owned companies cooperate closely with government in an
economic–political system called _______ capitalism.
A. socialist
B. state
C. cooperative
D. welfare

Which of the following is a principle of the holistic approach to medicine?
A. Emphasize the importance of medication to treat illnesses.
B. Encourage patient responsibility for self-diagnosis.
C. Treat patients as people.
D. Adopt the spirit of euthanasia in the treatment of terminal disease.

John Dewey, an American philosopher of education, argued in favor of what he called progressive
education. How does Dewey define progressive education?
A. Schooling should teach students to think independently and question authority.
B. Students should progress from grade to grade based on scholastic achievement.
C. Students’ progress should be evaluated through periodic testing.
D. Schooling should be practical and relevant to students’ lives.
Taking a global and historical perspective, it turns out that the most frequently observed form of
marriage is
A. endogamy.
B. monogamy.
C. polygyny.
D. exogamy.