Multiple Choice Answers

1 Achieving Academic Excellence involves:
a. Devoting as much time as possible studying.
b. Knowing not only what to study, but how to study.
c. Passing this course.
d. Getting the most out of college.

2 Success in college requires:
a. Effective self-management.
b. Diligence.
c. Humor.
d. Being involved in social networks.

3 You want to discover your learning style because:
a. You are curious.
b. It lets you know how you learn best.
c. It makes learning easy.
d. You want to know if you are visual or auditory.

4 Online learning is impossible without: (Not 100% as confident as it can be based on the view you take. An internet connection can also be one of the options)
a. Information literacy.
b. Media literacy.
c. The use of the textbooks.
d. An internet connection.

5 Achieving goals you set is greatly helped by:
a. Writing down your long-term goals.
b. Your learning style.
c. Managing your time efficiently.
d. Getting good grades.

6 To actively read means to:
a. Read aloud
b. Concentrate on understanding.
c. Read fast.
d. Minimize note-taking.

7 To be an effective communicator is to:
a. Write well.
b. Speak well.
c. Be understood.
d. Express your meaning clearly in writing and verbally.

8 Problem-solving is about:
a. Coming up with solutions.
b. Knowing the right formula or equation.
c. Using critical thinking skills in the process.
d. Only mathematics.

9 Test-taking is:
a. The only measure of learning.
b. A necessary tool of learning.
c. The end-all and be-all of college education.
d. Dispensable.

10 Information from the internet is:
a. Always credible.
b. A good source for research material.
c. The easiest material to research.
d. As good as library materials.