Monster Beverage

The most recent Form 10-K by Monster Beverage Corporation (“the Company”) was filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on February 29, 2012 for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2011. It is available for download in PDF format here. Page numbers reference the page numbering in the PDF document itself, not the page numbers found throughout it.
I.          Accountant’s Report:
Who are the independent CPAs?
What kind of opinion is issued?  Should this particular report presumably increase the reliability of the financial statements? Why?
II.          Balance Sheet:
What is working capital?
Determine the categories of plant assets.  Are there any unpaid or deferred income tax liabilities?
How many classes of capital stock are shown?
How many classes have been issued?
Does the stock(s) sell at or above par or stated value?
What percent of total assets is provided by stockholders’ equity?
What percent of stockholders’ equity is represented by retained earnings?
Are there any items in stockholders’ equity other than paid-in capital and retained earnings?
Are there any unusual items?
III.          Income (Operations) Statement:
Is this a comparative statement?
Is this a consolidated statement?
What is the operating profit margin percentage?
What is the effective income tax rate from continuing operations?
Are there any discontinued operations, extraordinary items, or cumulative effective changes in accounting principles?
How many EPS amounts are reported?
What are they?
Are there any unusual items?