MLA format

The reflective essay is an approximately 1,000 word self-analysis of your progress over the the past few assignments ; this reflective essay should demonstrate the qualities of effective writing we have emphasized all term (focus, development, organization, and mechanics). Thus, your reflective essay should be anchored by a clear and creative thesis, developed through the use of details/evidence from your own writing and, if you choose, material from our readings; logically organized; and carefully edited to ensure use of standard academic English, including documentation.
Your reflective essay may do any or all of the following:
– evidence of ways you understand your writing to have improved the past few assignments, either through habits and processes of writing or in specific examples from the essays included in your portfolio;
– accounts of struggles or challenges this term, specific to the writing you have done or other forces affecting your performance;
– examples of particular paragraphs that you find to be strong or representative of your best work (in the body of the portfolio, you can make passages bold if you refer to them in the introduction);
– examples of particular paragraphs that you find to be weak or representative of frustrations you encountered related to writing or certain ideas;
– changed attitudes or levels of confidence related to your writing, for better or for worse.
– MLA format.