Learning Team B Debate Paper Outline

The out cry’s for stricter “Gun Control” and the “Rights to Bear Arms” and how our constitutional rights are being scrutinized and taken away from us. How many more young children’s life are going to be taken away before actions are done about it? This does not mean take away the “Second Amendment” but maybe think outside the box and come up with other ways or meanings of “right to bear arms”.

Pro Arguments:
Children are dying when we as adults are to protect them
Reduce violent crimes
Suicide/accidental deaths
Self-defense – other means
280-300 milion guns in private hands, each year 4 million new guns enter the market

Con Arguments:
Fundamental civil right
Second Amendment
Guns can deter Criminals/reduce crime
“Equalizer” for women-200 thousand women in the US carry guns to help protect themselves
66% of police chiefs say “citizens carrying concealed firearms reduce rates of crime”
Pro Side Rebuttal
15 of the 25 “worst mass shootings in past 50 years happened in the US
62 “mass murders” carried out with firearms since 1982
Other means of defense for protection
Unnecessary deaths happening – “federal law provides no minimum age for the possession of long guns”
Public safety should be left to professionally qualified officers
Con Side Rebuttal
Education, teach children at a young age
Without extreme means of protection we ourselves or our children could be extremely hurt/killed
Carrying a concealed handgun could help stop public shootings
Most people are law abiding citizens