Lake Placid

The end of the month trial balance of lake Placid Building Material, inc, at January 31 of the current year.
cash 6,430
Account receivable 19,090
Inventory 65,400
supplies 2,700
Building 188,170
Accumulated depreciation-building 36,000
Fixtures 45,600
Accumulated depreciation-Fixture 5,800
Account payable 28,300
Salary payable
Interest payable
Unearned sales revenue 6,560
Note payable, long-term 87,000
common stock 20,000
retained earnings 124,980
Dividends 9,200
Sales revenue 177,970
sales discount 7,300
Sales returns and
allowances 8,140
Cost of goods sold 103,000
Selling expenses 21,520
General expenses 10,060
Interest expense
Total 486,610 486,610
Additional data at January 31, 20xx:
a. Supplies consumed during the month,$1,500.Half is selling expense and the other half is general expense.
b. Depreciation for the month: building, $4000; fixtures, $4800. one-fourth of depreciation is selling expense and three-fourth is general expense.
c. Unearned sales revenue still unearned, $1,200.
d. Accrued salaries, a general expense, $1,150.
e. Accrued interest expense, $780.
f. Inventory on hand,$63,720.
2. Prepared the adjusted trial balance for the month ended January 31 of the current year. Lake placid group all operating expense under two accounts,selling expense and general expense.leave two blank lines under selling expense and three blank lines under general expense.
5. Prepare the company’s multiple-step income statement and statement of retained earnings for the month ended January 31 of the current year. Also prepare the classified balance sheet.