Kyle Vaardon

Kyle Vaardon runs a Saab automobile factory in Europe. Kyle Vaardson runs a Saab automobile factory in Europe. Kyle’s factory produces four different models:
the 9-3 sedan
the 9-3 convertible
the 9-5 wagon
the 9-5 sedan
Kyle has asked you to help him figure out the OPTIMAL numbers of each model to produce in order to MAXIMIZE the expected total factory profit.
At least 1,000 units of EACH model MUST be produced to utilize parts inventory.
Due to contractual obligations to supply a rental car company with cars for its fleet, AT LEAST 3,000 units of the 9-3 sedan and 1,800 units of the 9-5 sedan must be produced.
The factory is NOT currently capbale of producing MORE THAN 18,000 cars of all models COMBINED in a year.
It is estimated that NO MORE than 4,000 units of the 9-5 wagon could be sold in a year, so therefore no more than 4,000 wagons should be produced.
NO MORE than 4,100 units of the 9-3 convertibles should be produced because that is the most convertible tops that the supplier can guarantee to deliver for the year.
You are given an optimization problem. Normally, to solve it, you would (a) develop a computational model, then (b) use SOLVER with the computational model to get your solution. For this practice problem you are GIVEN the computational model. Be sure you understand how the computational model is set up as it is.