JustLee Books

To determine the exact name of fields used in the tables for these exercises, refer to the tables in the Just Lee Books database, or use the DESCRIBE table name command to view the table’s structure.

List the customer number for each customer in the CUSTOMERS table, along with the city
and state in which they reside.

Create a list containing the name of each publisher, the person usually contacted, and the
telephone number of the publisher. Rename the contact column Contact Person in the displayed
results. (Hint: Use the PUBLISHER table.)

Determine which categories are represented by the current book inventory. List each category
only once.

List the customer number from the ORDERS table for each customer who has placed an
order with the bookstore. List each customer number only once.

Create a list of each book title stored in the BOOKS table and the category in which each
book belongs. Reverse the sequence of the columns so the category of each book is
listed first.

List the first and last name of each author in the AUTHORS table.

10. Create a list of authors that displays the last name followed by the first name for each author.
The last names and first names should be separated by a comma and a blank space.
tables are the following: