Jeopardy Game

Constructivist psychologists are concerned with what human cognitive experience?

Constructivism has a unified set of theories. (True or false)
Social Constructivism and Cognitive Constructivism are most often believed  to be independent of one another. (Martin & Sugarman, 1996).

Constructivism focuses on how individuals and/or societies  construct their worlds rather
than their discovery of it. (True or false)

Which psychologist/philosopher greatly influenced constructivism as the central philosophy in the psychology of mathematics education?

Skeptics often argue that the constructivism school of thought suffers because individuals and societies do not have access to the real world. (True or false)
Which two factors have been underdetermined in the development of the mind, selfhood, intentionality and agency according to the constructivist school of thought?

Why is the constructivism theory important to education?

What requires people to construe the constructs of persons they’d like to interact with?

Within the personal constructivism theory as formulated by Kelly which basic constructs are the most persistent, long lasting and difficult to recons true?