5 (NOL without Valuation Account)
Jennings Inc. reported the following pretax income (loss) and related tax rates during the years 2006–2012..
Year                 Pretax Income (Loss)            Tax Rate
2006                         $40,000                                30%
2007                           25,000                                30%
2008                           50,000                                30%
2009                           80,000                                40%
2010                        (180,000)                               45%
2011                           70,000                                 40%
2012                         100,000                                 35%

Pretax financial income (loss) and taxable income (loss) were the same for all years since Jennings began business. The tax rates from 2009–2012 were enacted in 2009.

Prepare the journal entries for the years 2010–2012 to record income taxes payable (refundable), income tax expense (benefit), and the tax effects of the loss carryback and carryforward. Assume that Jennings elects the carryback provision where possible and expects to realize the benefits of any loss carryforward in the year that immediately follows the loss year.

(b) Indicate the effect the 2010 entry(ies) has on the December 31, 2010, balance sheet.

(c) Prepare the portion of the income statement, starting with “Operating loss before income taxes,” for 2010.

(d) Prepare the portion of the income statement, starting with “Income before income taxes,” for 2011.