Entering a Conversation about Globalization
In essay #4, you will enter in conversation with two scholars who have written about the phenomenon of globalization from diverse perspectives: Kwame Anthony Appiah and Franklin Foer. After reading their essays, you will craft your own essay, anchored by a thesis that makes a contribution to this conversation. Your audience is educated peers who have read both essays. Respond to the following prompt:
Foer describes a division between prosoccer Americans and antisoccer Americans. Appiah also examines the ways that different cultural groups perceive themselves as opposed to others. Write an essay in which you draw on both authors’ insights about how and why cultural groups tend to see themselves in terms of us versus them. Teach your readers what you think is lost and, perhaps, gained by seeing the world this way. How does each author—and how do you—suggest we can overcome or at least understand our differences?

800-1,000 words

MLA format