A majority shareholder group will win all the board seats in a board of directors’ election using ____________voting.

Securities are first issued in the ______market; subsequent trading is in the _________ market

While the money market is a _______ market, the capital market finances _________

The largest amount outstanding of any one capital market security is ________________ followed by ___________

In commercial banks ________ deposits are the most important source of funds;

___________________ loans represent the major investment category.

___________deposits represent about two thirds of M1.

Though interest payments have been prohibited on demand deposits in the past, banks have paid ____________interest by offering “free” checking accounts, convenience, and other “perks”.

Several money market securities are listed below. Indicate whether each security represents a bank asset, a bank liability, or neither.
a. Banker’s Acceptance … ________
b. Negotiable Certificate of Deposit….. ________
c. Treasury Bill ….________
d. Federal Funds Purchased …. ________

The bank investment portfolio provides both ________ and ________ to the bank.
Bank regulation is intended to provide a trade-off between bank ________ and bank ________
Historically, when banks have failed, government has responded with increased __ _________.
Banks are regulated to protect the ________ and maintain a ________ economy.
Many banks that failed in the 1930s did so because the central bank did not supply sufficient ________ and did not prevent bank ________
Bank failures of the 1980s stemmed more from regional economic distress in the areas of ________ and ________