Expert Solutions

Do some self analysis. (You may want to revisit Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.) What motivates you?

What instills loyalty?

What makes you want to do your very best?

What motivates you to want to go above and beyond the norm?

Do you consider yourself to be a “key employee” where you work? Why or why not? What would it take to help you become a key employee or a more valuable employee?

•Consider your place of employment or perhaps that of a friend or close relative. How does the organization motivate employees? What tactics are used?

Is there a system of rewards?
Or, is failure personalized and is blame too readily assigned? Describe the scenarios in detail. Provide your opinions as to what works and what does not.

Assume you are in charge of a plan for change where you work. How would you go about motivating your people?

What sort of training would you provide?

Explain how you would go about creating a group of key employees who would help you facilitate this plan for change.