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1.Thirteen internists in the Midwest are randomly selected, and each internist is asked to report last year’s income. The incomes obtained ( in thousands of dollars) are 152, 144, 162, 154, 146, 241, 127, 141, 171, 177, 138, 132, 192. Find: DrSalary a The 90th percentile. b The median. c The first quartile. d The third quartile. e The 10th percentile. f The interquartile range. g Develop a five- number summary and a box- and- whiskers display.

2.THE SERVICE TIME CASE SrvcTime Accu- Copiers, Inc., sells and services the Accu- 500 copying machine. As part of its standard service contract, the company agrees to perform routine service on this copier. To obtain informa-tion about the time it takes to perform routine service, Accu- Copiers has collected data for 11 service calls. The data are given on the left below, and the Excel output of a least squares line fit to these data is given on the right below.a The sample correlation coefficient r can be calculated to equal .9952 for the service time data. What does this value of r say about the relationship between x and y? b Predict the service time for a future service call on which five copiers will be serviced.