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According to the University of Chicago, as men age, their cholesterol level goes up. A new drug (XAB) is being tested to determine if it can lower cholesterol in aging males and at what dose. The data for the first test subject is below:

Dose (mg) 2 3 5 6 8 10
Cholesterol level (mg/dL) 310 124 201 110 52 20
a. Plot the data and include a regression line in StatCrunch. Copy and paste your graph into your Word document for full credit.

b. What is the correlation coefficient r and what does it mean in this case?

c. What is the coefficient of determination and what does it mean in this case?

d. Is there a statistically significant correlation between dose and cholesterol level in this case?

e. What is the predicted cholesterol level for a person taking a dose of 4 mg? What about if they are not taking the drug at all (0 mg)?

1. find the mean for the amounts $17,481 $14,978 $13,521 $14,600 $18570 $14981. the mean amount is? round to the nearest whole number as needed.2. find the mode for the amounts: $17,485 $14,950 $13,592 $14,500 $18,514 $14,950. is there a mode? if so what is the mode?.3. salaries for the development dept are given as $48,397 $27,982 $42,591 $19,551 $32,400 and $32,574 find the mean, median,mode in the salaries.4. accountants often use the median when studying salaries for various busniess. what is the median of the following salaries: $32,063 $21,934 $27,507 $43,715 $38,860 $25,985 the median is?.5. find the standard deviation of a series of ACT scores listed as: 22,28,23,32,15 round decimal to the nearest hundreath as needed. 6. the data shows a total number of employees total number of medical leave days taken for on the job accidents for the fist 6 months of the year: 8,9,18,13,17,10 find the range of days taken for medical leave for each month.7. the data shows the total number of medical leave taken for 6 months of the year:10,2,16,4,18,10. find the mean number of days taken each month.8. the total number of days taken for medical leave for the last 6 months are: 19,12,25,13,26,19 find the sum of squares of the deviation from the mean.9.