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Your first major assignment is to prepare the required budgets. The following information is provided by Sue. She asks that you prepare a set of budgets, to include: a sales budget, a production budget, a direct materials budget, a direct labor budget and a cash budget for the next month of May.

Unit sales 100,000 units
Unit price $15
Beginning inventory in units 8,000
Desired ending inventory in units 12,000

The product requires four pounds of raw material, costing $2.50 per pound.
A desired ending raw materials inventory of 6,000 pounds
Each product requires 1/2 hour of direct labor at a rate of $9 per hour.
Eastvaco experiences the following: expected cash received in current month (May) of $45,000.Eastvaco has some equipment it is no longer using and plans to sell in May for $3,500.During the current month (May) payments for materials is expected to be $10,000, direct labor payroll is expected to be $12,500, and miscellaneous expenditures is expected to total $14,900. Beginning cash balance (May 1st) is $1,230. Expected collections on previous month (April) accounts receivable is $600,000.Expected collections on March sales is $300,000.