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Business Systems Analysis  Essay Questions:

Distinguish object, state, and behavior when considering object-oriented modeling.

What is meant by DFD completeness? What is meant by DFD consistency?

Identify and briefly describe two techniques used by eXtreme Programming to continually improve the quality of the design.

Simple design and Refactoring

Evaluate the most common criteria for choosing off-the-shelf software.

Summarize several characteristics for a good systems analyst to have during requirements determination.

Data collection can take a lot of time. What are some ways analysts can still collect the information they need for systems analysis but also save time? What methods can you think of that would improve upon both traditional and newer techniques?

Describe how prototyping can be used during requirements determination. How is it better or worse than traditional methods?

Briefly identify the traditional methods for determining requirements.

Also describe more modern methods for determining requirements.

What are the potential consequences of not assessing the technical risks associated with an information systems development project?

What are the four approaches to installation?

Which is the most expensive? Which is the most risky? How does an organization decide which approach to use?

What are the goals of designing physical tables?

Outline the four key steps in logical database modeling and design.