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A researcher is testing the effect of a new cold and flu medication on reaction time. A sample of n = 16 students is obtained and each student is given the normal dose of the medicine. Thirty minutes later, each student’s reaction time is measured. The scores for the sample averaged M = 220 milliseconds with SS = 6000.
Assuming that reaction time for students in the regular population averages ? = 200 milliseconds, are the data sufficient to conclude that the medication has a significant effect on reaction time?

Step 1 State the hypothesis:

Step 2 State the alpha level and reason for selecting it:

Step 3 Indicate which statistic you have selected:

Step 4 Indicate which distribution will be used, displaying d.f. and critical values:

Step 5 State the rejection rule:

Step 6 Perform the calculations (include the value of the t-statistic here):

Step 7 State your decision in terms of the hypothesis: