Expert Answers

1. Describe the impact internal corporate governance has on top-level management’s strategic decision making.

2. What are the similarities and differences between international corporate governance structures? Is it a good thing that international corporate governance structures are coming to resemble those in the U.S. more and more?

3. How important is it to be able to identify and distinguish between the organizational structures used to implement business-level, corporate-level, and international strategies? Give examples of various organizational structures and how they are used to develop strategies.

4. Discuss the relationship between organizational structure and organizational controls. Are they always interrelated? What will happen to a company’s competitive advantage if one or the other isn’t in place?

5. Explain human capital. Discuss how it is developed and what impact it has on strategic entrepreneurship and company growth.

6. Discuss how and why strategic entrepreneurs create value while at the same time earn above-average returns and gain competitive advantage over their competitors.