Expert Answers

1)What are the major distinctions between primary care and specialty care?
Why is there an imbalance between primary care and specialty care in the United States?

2) Why is the hospital emergency department sometimes used for nonurgent conditions? What are the consequences?

3) Explain the concept of hospice care and describe the types of services provided by hospices.

4) Present a summary of a current events article regarding alternative medicine. The article may be taken from a journal or internet source. The article should be no more than 2 years old. (Do not copy and paste the entire article – summarize this) Requirements: 1. Type into Microsoft Word 2. Attach Microsoft Word document 3. Make sure you add references used at the end of the summary of current events article. You also need to cite your facts within the answers themselves. 4. There are no specific amount of words required for this but must be thorough – between 3-4 sentences.