Expert Answers

Question 1: At the high level of activity in November, 7,000 machine hours were run and power costs were $12,000. In April, a month of low activity, 2,000 machine hours were run and power costs amounted to $6,000. Using the high-low method, the estimated fixed cost element of power costs is?

Question 2: Hartley, Inc. has a product with a selling price per unit of $200, the unit variable cost is $75, and the total monthly fixed costs are $300,000. How much is Hartley’s contribution margin ratio?

Question 3: Kemper Company’s direct materials budget shows total cost of direct materials purchases for April $200,000, May $240,000 and June $280,000. Cash payments are 60% in the month of purchase and 40% in the following month. The budgeted cash payments for June are:

Question 4: On January 1, Dooley Company has a beginning cash balance of $63,000. During the year, the company expects cash disbursements of $510,000 and cash receipts of $435,000. If Dooley requires an ending cash balance of $60,000, Dooley Company must borrow: