Expert Answers

1, Convert 892 megagrams to nanograms and express your answer in scientific notation
2, The number of significant figures in the following are
a.22.0 cm-
b.0.08900 km-
3, Find the density in g/ml of a metal, if a 0.5000-kg pipe of this metal occupies a volume of 40.0ml
4, A bus, moving at 10.0km/h accelerates at the rate of 40,000km/h² during a period of 5.00s. find its speed at the end of the 5.00s

5, A)find the distance traveled by a ball 3.00s after it was dropped from the top of a mountain.
b)find the speed of the ball in a) above

6, What is the weight, in N, of a 700.0-g object?

7, A 0.400-kg object is pushed horizontally by a 0.0840-kilon force over a frictionless table. find the resulting acceleration in m/s²。

8  What is the weight of a 13-lb object?

9, Explain, in your own words, why despite newton’s 3rd law it is possible to observe acceleration of objects. describe in detail an example that demonstrates this.
10, You are driving around a curve at a constant speed of 30.0mi/h. A friend of yours tells you that the defining formula results in an acceleration of 0 and therefore you are undergoing constant motion. is your friend right or not? please explain in detail your choice.
11, In our problems we use g=9.80m/² or 32.0 ft/s² as a constant. is g truly constant when an object is undergoing free fall? if not, why is it a good approximation to use g as a constant? explain