Expert Answers

Qualifying circumstances are conditions that might require more work on the part of the anesthesiologist, including all except _______.

A.Extreme age

B.Emergency conditions

C.Severe systemic disease

D.Total body hypothermia


The anesthesia code package includes all except _______. Answer

A.Preoperative visits

B.Postoperative visits

C.Usual monitoring services

D.Home health follow-up


Procedure codes identify _______.Answer

A.What the provider did for the patient

B.Who the policyholder is

C.At which facility the patient was seen by the provider

D.Why the patient saw the provider


CPT guidelines _______. Answer

A.Must be memorized by professional coders.

B.Can be found in the front of every CPT section

C.Can be found in a separate guidelines book.

D.Change every 2 months.


The plus symbol (+) identifies _______. Answer

A.A new code

B.An add-on code

C.A revised code

D.A code that includes conscious sedation



The Surgery section of CPT is first divided by ___ and then by specific action, such as excision or repair.

A.Organ system

B.Inpatient or outpatient facility

C.Credential of the professional performing the procedure

D.Surgical approach, such as open or laparoscopic


When reporting anesthesia services using time reporting, the formula used is Answer

A.(B + T + M) x CF

B.(B + Q + CF) x T

C.(Q + T + CF) x B

D.(CF + B + T) x M


The global period is determined by _______.Answer

A.The type of anesthesia provided.

B.The size of the excision.

C.The location of the donor site.

D.The standard of care.


Excision of lesions are reported _______. Answer

A.With total measurement of all lesions removed in one code.

B.With only the largest lesion coded.

C.With each lesion coded separately.

D.As a part of the total surgical procedure.


A physician who only interprets the results of a urodynamic procedure must be coded with _______. Answer

A.Modifier 32

B.Modifier 26.

C.Modifier 53

D.Modifier 51


Karen Walkins, a 41-year-old female, was previously diagnosed with benign hypertension due to morbid obesity. Dr. Masters administers general anesthesia so that Dr. Morgenstern can perform a direct venous thrombectomy on her lower left leg. Report this anesthesia service with code _  ___ that will be appended with modifier P3.

Carol Ossining, a 25-year-old female, was taken to the OR for a corneal transplant, lamellar, to the left eye. Report this procedure with code ____.

Sherman Labaron, an 87-year-old male, was taken to the OR for a single lung transplant with a cardiopulmonary bypass. Dr. Marrinson was concerned because Sherman was not expected to survive without the transplant. Report this procedure with code __ __.

Kenneth Katzen, a 39-year-old male, was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and taken directly to the OR for an appendectomy for a ruptured appendix and generalized peritonitis. The patient is otherwise healthy. Report this procedure with code _ ___.

Theresa Kenninson, a 27-year-old female, was brought to the OR for a C-section. Anesthesia was administered. She has type 1 diabetes that is currently under control. Dr. Benito came to perform the cesarean delivery only. Report this procedure with code ____. Answer

This patient is a 34-year-old female who came in complaining of severe headaches and lower back pain. She states that she has tried over-the-counter medications and nothing seemed to work. Her friend recommended that she try acupuncture.
PMH: Patient has a history of environmental allergies (hay fever) and childhood asthma. No current medications other than birth control.
PROCEDURE: 20 needles with electrical stimulation for 45 minutes. Reinsertion of the needles is included. The first code reported is ____ and the second code is ____.

Pat is a 75-year-old female who recently had a stroke. She is here on referral from Dr. Cipher for an assessment of her aphasia. Assessment of expressive and receptive speech and language function; language comprehension, speech production ability, reading, spelling, writing, using Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination. Interpretation and report to follow.

Total time: 60 minutes. Report this service with CPT code _____

Dr. Morrison performed a complete ultrasound evaluation of Eliot Shapin’s pelvis. The procedure included evaluation and measurement of Eliot’s urinary bladder, evaluation of his prostate and seminal vesicles, and pathology of his enlarged prostate. Report this service with CPT code ________

Dr. Spacey saw Romero Natali, a 26-year-old male, with a swollen right eye and loss of vision. Dr. Spacey ordered a CT with contrast of the right eye and area, which revealed marked proptosis of the right orbit, thrombosis, and enlargement of the right superior ophthalmic vein. Report this service with CPT code ___  _____ Answer

Amy Barbaro is at home recuperating from surgery on her left hip with the help of Barton Home Health Services. Her attending physician, Dr. Lasiter, comes to her house do a problem-focused interval history and exam. Report this service with CPT code ___ _____

Victor Daniels has been living in the Barton Nursing Center for the last 12 months. Dr. Isaacs comes in to do his annual assessment, including a detailed interval history, comprehensive exam, and MDM of moderate complexity. Report this service with CPT code ________

George Leonin brought his 3-year-old son, Frank, into the emergency room with a deep laceration of his scalp above his right ear, measuring 2.25 cm. Frank was distraught, crying, and combative, kicking at the physician and the nurse as they attempted to clean the wound. At the recommendation of Dr. Ferrara, George held Frank in his lap, while the physician administered 10 mg of Versed intranasally. Once the conscious sedation took effect, Dr. Ferrara was able to debrided the heavily contaminated wound and then, perform a layered repair of the laceration while the nurse monitored Sasha’s vital signs. The entire procedure took 25 minutes. The CPT code is ______ and the sedation code is _____.

Patty LeDuques, an 11-month-old female, was brought to radiology for a real-time, limited, static ultrasound of her hips. Report this service with CPT code _ _______